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Norton Select- Dry Red. $18.00- Bottle

Prairie Elk- Dry Chambourcin Red barrel in HUngarian Oak for 18 months. $18.00-Bottle

Chambourin Red- (Coming Spring 2013) $18.00-Bottle

Chardonel 2010- (In store only) Dry Chardonel White. $15.00-Bottle


Elk Heart Red- Sweet Chambourcin Red. $10.00-Bottle

Prarie Flowers- Sweet Cayug White. Light crisp wine with hints of apple and peare. Pair with pork, chicken  or by itself.  $10.00 Bottle

Prairie Winds- Sweet Chambourcin Rose $12.00- Bottle

Mt. Pulaski Red- Sweet red chambourcin made in celebration of the town of Mt. Pulaski, Illinois’s 17th anniversary. It tastes slightly like raspberry.

Semi- Sweet

Elk Barn Red- Chambourcin 70% and Norton 30% Red. $12.00- Bottle

Elk Barn White- Traminetee White (Coming Spring 2013) $12.00- Bottle

Semi Dry

Villard Blanc- White (Coming Spring 2013) $15.00- Bottle

Sangria Slushy (In stores only)