Lyn-Nita Vineyards Locally produced wines and wine related gifts


Lyn-Nita Vineyards is a small café style winery located south of Elkville, Illinois. Started by owner, Anita Eckhardt, in 2010, Lyn-Nita Vineyards offers a full line of handcrafted Grape wines from dry to sweet, red, white and rosé wines.

The first vintage from Lyn-Nita Vineyards vines are expected in 2013 but there is enough quality grapes from local vineyards to produce fine wines until then. Fine wine began in the vineyard and Southern Illinois has the unique distinction of having a recognized American Viticultural Area (AVA) in the Shawnee Hills. Lyn-Nita Vineyards are located just north of this AVA but many of the grapes used in her wines came from this area.

High quality grapes, mature vines and ideal weather during the growing season along with good vineyard management practices insure that the grapes are the best possible.

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